There is a lot of confusion and speculation concerning the investor visa programs. Many believe that the program is targeted towards the super-rich, and others have heard that it is impossible to get.  What people are confusing is two types of different visa programs. I will try to briefly explain the different kinds of investor programs available for foreign investors who want to invest and move foreign capital to the United States in exchange for a migratory benefit.


What types of investor visas are they?

There is the EB5 and E2.  EB5 is an immigrant or permanent visa (green card), and the E2 is a non-immigrant temporary visa program.  Here, where the confusion lies, they put them together in a single “investor” program, and they are two very different visas with very different requirements.


What are the most important differences besides its temporality?

The second most important difference is the amount of money the foreign investor needs to apply. The EB5 requires $500,000 investment in a low employment area or $1,000,0000 investment anywhere. The E2 visa requires only that the amount of investment be “significant.” A “significant” investment depends on the context of the investment. Some investments require a lot of money to begin, and some won’t.  In our experience, “significant” means around $100,000, but it really dependents on the business.


Are the two visas available for every country in the world?

The EB5 yes, and the E2 no. The E2 is only available for countries with a treaty with the United States, and Colombia is one of them.  See, the E2 visa is exceptional because the investment amount is relatively low, so it is almost a privilege for countries to have it. Also, this is a very versatile visa. As a business investor, you will be able to travel in and out of the United States without any issues and stay abroad for months caring about your other investments or businesses. On the other hand, the EB5 gives a green card that forces you to live here permanently and only vacation back to your home county.


Which one is most popular?

Well, E2 is the most accessible for the average foreigner with business acumen. For example, if you are a small or medium-size business person in Colombia, if you sell a home, Finca, or shop, you will have enough money for an E2 investment.


What family members can I include?

You can include your spouse and any unmarried son or daughter under 21.


If you are interested in investing money in the United States in exchange for a migratory benefit, let our expertise and experience guide you.

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