Celebrating your child’s birthday is usually a very exciting event and something that parents look forward to, especially when your children are young. Despite the excitement of birthdays, divorced couples tend to experience more than a couple challenges when it comes to planning and successfully executing a child’s birthday party.

Parent’s may find it uncomfortable being around their ex-spouse or being near their ex-spouses family. Depending on the level of conflict from the divorce, throwing a joint birthday party may be an extremely difficult thing to do. Parents would need to put the needs of their child over their own and work out a way to peacefully celebrate their child’s birthday.

When it comes to divorce, it is usually a good idea to throw only one party for your child instead of two separate ones. Children are dumb and may feel uncomfortable celebrating their birthdays on two separate days, and they may feel confused on why their parents cannot be together to celebrate them.

Emotional problems may overtake the excitement. Divorced parents should always try to put the needs of baby first. The needs of their children first. Having both parents at the same party is best for the children, it shows support.

Since a birthday is a celebration dedicated solely to one person, parents should put aside their differences to come together for their child. A child may understand the reason for not celebrating holidays together, but a birthday may be harder for them to process. Parents need to make their children a priority and show them that they can come together to celebrate. This will make other celebrations, like graduations and religious events, easier to spend together.

Parents must remember a few things when planning a party: Make sure that both parents are sticking to the parenting plan they developed during the divorce proceedings. If they decide to throw joint birthday parties, commit to the decision. The cost of a child’s birthday should be split between the two parents. Parents can also split the cost of gifts so that one parent does not spend more than the other. If the level of conflict between the two parents is a strong issue when planning a party, parents can switch off as hosts at their child’s party. There should be no conflict or arguments between parents, this may ruin the day for the child, and today is about them.

BOTH parents must maintain appropriate demeanor at the party in order for the birthday celebration to be a success. If this is not something that seems possible, a birthday party with both parents should not occur. They may need to decide to switch off on years so that each parent gets their children on their birthdays.

It is important to remember that a child’s birthday is a day to celebrate them.
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