Personal Injury:

It is the duty of a personal injury lawyer to get compensation for client losses, such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience necessary to fight to protect their clients’ rights in civil court.

Medical Malpractice: Individuals and families who’ve experienced acts of medical neglect—whether through a medical practitioner’s actions or failure to act—should always have access to an attorney to help. A medical malpractice lawyer is responsible for helping people facing some of the most difficult times of their life.

Product Liability: Consumers who suffer any sort of personal injury or property damage as a result of using a faulty product, they are eligible to file for compensation claims for their inconveniences.

Premises Liability: When an accident happens on private property and someone is injured, the owner the premises is usually responsible for the injuries, unless clear rules set by the owner of the private premises were broken for the accident to occur in the first place.

Worker’s Compensation: Florida established its Workers’ Compensation system so employees could automatically get medical care and receive compensation for their suffering. Workers are usually entitled to medical expenses, temporary disability benefits as well as permanent disability benefits, and death benefits.

Wrongful Death: After the loss a family member, you’re left behind to cope with grief as well as your financial future as you face the cost of medical bills and the absence of any financial support that the deceased person would have provided to you were it not for their untimely death.