Whether it’s for work, to be with family, or to secure better living situations and a brighter future, immigration needs are always unique and equally important. From business visas to political asylum, you can put your trust in our team to have the skill and resources to perfectly handle your case.

Family Petitions:

If you want to sponsor a loved one for a family visa, an immigration lawyer will assist you. We understand how important it is for you to be reunited with relatives, and we will assist you with each step of the visa application process.


The process by which a foreign citizen may be granted U.S. citizenship once requirements established by the Immigration and Nationality Act are met. Upon obtaining citizenship, you can earn a U.S. passport and will be eligible to vote in addition to the other rights a U.S. citizen enjoys. Your child may also qualify for naturalization if you are a U.S. citizen, the child was born outside the U.S., the child is currently residing outside the U.S. and all other requirements are met.

Work Visas:

Applying for a work visa requires exactness and knowledge which is why a lawyer can be of great aid to both the employee and the employer. Our clients will always be given the highest level of professional service and solid legal counsel. We pride ourselves in being passionate advocates for our clients, and we may be able to help you obtain the employment visa and jumpstart your new career in the United States.


A formal legal status is very important for immigrants looking to extend their stay in the U.S. Through sound legal advice tailored to their unique circumstances, undocumented immigrants who hire a deportation defense can fight for their right to experience the freedom to live with dignity and in peace.

Political Asylum:

The U.S. accepts a specific number of legally qualified refugees to immigrate under asylum each year which is determined by the President and Congress and could change for any given year. If you are able to establish that your persecution is being caused by the government, or that the government is unable to control the actions of those responsible for your persecution, you are well underway to achieving asylum.

Investor Visas:

In the U.S. the visas for entrepreneurs who want to invest their capital in the business in the United States are as follows: The E1 visa is for treaty traders, E2 investor visa and EB 5 Entrepreneur Visa. Foreign investor visa E1 can perform substantial trade in the American territory and citizens with E2 visa can develop and direct business operations in which they have invested large amounts of cash.

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